Carla Cristina

I find myself a lucky person because I was raised surrounded by all kinds of animals: dogs, cats, birds, hamsters…. maybe that’s why I love them so much!
When the opportunity came to work with animals, I didn’t think twice and, in 2014, after working for years in the tourism and hospitality area, I made a grooming course.
At that time, I owned a Portuguese water dog called Lucky and I wanted to take care of his haircoat myself!
Nowadays I work at BVet as a veterinary and grooming technician. What motivates me every single day is to spoil all the dogs and cats I work with, provide them the best possible healthcare and treat them with the love and respect they deserve.
I own two cats and a dog – Tobias, Zorro and Lady – and it is with them that I like to spend as much time as possible. Lady loves to go with us in a car ride and the cats
simply love company! They are part of my family and, after all, the love of my life.