Tatiana Russo

Since I was little I remember contacting with all sort of animals: small, big, different, companion animals… this contact brought an enormous love for animals and the wish of one day working with them, even I was so young and possibly didn’t understand completely the meaning of that feeling.

Our home could never be complete without a pet and so, when I was twelve years old, my father surprised me with a puppy, Pandora! I remember like it was yesterday… the happiness I felt when I saw her arriving, so tiny, inside a cardboard box. Pandora became my dog, my responsibility, so I used to walk her every day after classes, it was me who fed her and clean all the mess she did at home as a true puppy she was! She was my companion and I took her everywhere I could. Six months after our family got a new member – Sooky, a Pitbull Terrier with a “butter heart”. It was love at first sight! Pandora and Sooky became inseparable and, besides Sooki was two times bigger than Pandora, she was the queen of the house! When Sooki was eight years old he got very sick and, unfortunately, he died, what really shook my family. It marked me deeply and boosted my desire of working with animals, specially with animal health – I wanted some answers, wanted to know why it happened and what I could do to help and to avoid it was happening to other pets and their families.

After four months, “life changed my plans”, and I left Portugal to work with Disney Cruise Line, where I had the opportunity of travelling a lot, of knowing different countries, meeting different people and grow a lot at personal and professional levels. But I always knew one day I would return to Portugal and follow my dream! Then, in 2019 I returned Portugal and I enrolled in a veterinary assistant and grooming technician course. In 2020 the opportunity of start working at BVet showed up and I am really grateful for that. Now my work is to help taking care of pets and assuring their wellbeing. Every day I learn more and more with each patient and make sure I treat them with love and respect, the way I used to treat my Sooki and I think all animals should be treated in this world. I have nowadays the privilege of working as I always wished, helping pets, their owners and also my Pandora, who, at 15, is still the house queen!